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New Here?

We are very excited that you stopped by our website. Whether you are completely new to church, or just new to the New St. Paul Church, we’d like to extend a warm welcome to you. We hope you will find ways to connect, grow and serve - so feel free to take some time to get to know us. We hope to get to know you soon.


Attending and joining a new church can seem daunting sometimes – especially if you are not from the area. Where to go, who to see or what class to take can seem a little overwhelming – trust us, we know. The new members classes are designed to help you become more familiar with New St. Paul, and to help you take the next steps towards becoming a committed member of our family.  During these classes you will learn about additional ways to connect with other ministries and small groups.


Spiritual maturity is a continuous process.  It is something that we will all experience at different times in our lives.  God wants us to grow in his grace and knowledge and provides us all of the resources that we need for growth.  Sometimes our past, our environment, and our current situation makes growing seem like a not so easy process.  At New St. Paul, we know that God has a purpose and a plan for you and our goal is to provide resources that help you discover, pursue and thrive on your journey.  Through our Sunday morning educational classes, worship service and Wednesday bible studies, you will find plenty of opportunities for spiritual growth and development .  We believe that as we continue to grow and develop, what is to come is far better than what has been.


Are you ready to put your spiritual gifts into action? If so, you’ll find an abundance of opportunities to serve both the church and the community at large. Our Outreach Ministry runs many of our service opportunities. In addition, there is a ministry waiting for someone just like you to help make a difference.  Join us as God calls us to put our faith into action and serve.

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