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Bishop David Thomas Sr.

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Bishop David Thomas Sr.

Bishop David Thomas Sr.
Senior Pastor
513-721-1063 Ext.12

My passion in ministry is getting the people into the presence of God through praise and worship. Often when we hear this phrase people automatically think of what takes place at the beginning of the worship service; the songs we sing and the dances that are performed. However, in it's simplicity John 4:22-24 clearly reminds us that the Father is looking for worshippers that would worship in spirit and in truth. So for me, worship cannot be just what we do when we gather as a corporate family, but worship is a lifestyle that we must live every day that God gives us. It's being intimate with God, it's remembering the value that He brings to our existence, it's loving Him more than you love anything else or anybody else, it's longing to commune with Him or to be in His presence.

I believe the church is a spiritual hospital for the wounded, the depressed, the down trodden, the lost, the hurting and abused and the unsaved. It is the place for all people, in spite of their backgrounds, their family tree and their financial situations to come and find the answers to that which ails them. It is through the ministry that individuals are converted, healed and delivered. Once this occurs it then becomes their spiritual responsibility to join the staff of believers and strengthen their brothers.

Discipleship, I think, is the missing piece in many churches today. Jesus clearly states, "If anyone will come after me let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me." Though we have a great number of church members, we do not have a great number of disciples. Because of our progressive thinking, very few are willing to deny self, desire the cross, and totally follow Jesus in every area in their life.

At New St. Paul we believe as long as you have life you have hope!!

-Bishop David Thomas Sr.-

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